Race Info

The age category/distance for a team will be based on the oldest team members age.

 The swim course is an open pool with swim buoys. Athletes will be swimming as if in an open water event and swimming on the outside of the swim markers. Age groups will have a certain number of laps to complete which will make the swim numbers a bit odd compared to a lane swim, but it is more enjoyable, safer, provide more accurate swim times, reduce the number of volunteers and the kids will have more room to swim.

If any athlete becomes worried or panics in the water, they are allowed to hold the edge of the pool, as long and NO FORWARD PROGRESS is made while on the edge of the pool. KOS swimmers will be sent in heats of 5-10 athletes and is a water start. DL athletes in the same category (Male/Female) will all start at the same time. DL athletes have a deep water start, KOS athletes can push off the wall. 7 and under swimmers will enter the water one at a time and be separated by 3-5 seconds.

The bike portion for the ages 14 and up will have a considerable hill to content with. Please familiarize your athlete with this hill and go over gearing and braking on a hill. We will have volunteers along the hill incase of any emergencies. ENSURE BRAKES ARE IN GOOD WORKING ORDER! All athletes will keep to the right on all courses.

The run route is common between all events and is a 1 km loop with the 7 and under athletes completing half.





7 & Under     50M     0.5 lap 1Km   
0.5Km 1 lap (half loop)
8-9     90M     0.75 lap 2Km   
1Km 1 lap (1k loop)
10-11     190M   1.25 laps 3Km    2Km 2 laps (1k loop)
12-13     300M   2.25 laps 8Km    3Km 3 laps (1k loop)
14-15     490M   3.5 laps 8Km  
4Km 4 laps (1k loop)
16-19  & WCUTS   750M   5.25 laps 20Km  
5km 5 laps (1k loop)

This race is draft legal for the 14-19 age group and all ages in the WCUTS. Ensure this is checked during registration.

The start order is as follows: 
Draft Legal (14-19 DL only with WCUTS)
Females - 7:00am
Males - 7:45am

Pool Break

KOS event starts at 9:15am 
Be on the pool deck at 9:00am
Watch for other athletes while setting up your childs transition, be courteous of ALL competitors.